Glowing freelancer standing out from grey corporate drones

The Human Freelancer is illustrated by Gary Clap

It’s true, I’ve written a book for newbie freelancers. It’s called the Human Freelancer and it comes out early June 2014. The book’s a culmination of persistent ideas, bad experience and a misguided sense of duty to humanity; that it would be a shame to not share thoughtful insight with people new to the game.

There’s also some very lush hand-drawn illustrations by my friend Gary Clap which perfectly complement the radical departure from the tone of voice you’d usually expect here. I’ve peeled back the veneer of convention to give the reader a frank account of what really goes on inside my head.

Here’s how it’s described on the cover.

The Human Freelancer

Self-help business books perpetuate the myth that success is relentless growth and more of everything means progress. They teach you about bookkeeping and market research – things you might need to do of course, but let’s face it they’re f**king boring.

The Human Freelancer is your antidote; stuffed full of empathy and emotional support for vulnerable newbies to self-employment like you. Whether you’re freelance, part-time, a contractor or tradesperson – read this book if you’re sensitive and brave and want to do the right thing on a happy journey of fulfilment and self-improvement. A dark sense of humour and high pain-tolerance will also maximise your reading enjoyment.

Inside you’ll gain lots of well-intentioned, if often irreverent, advice from the soul of an emotionally-liberated Yorkshireman in chapters like:

  • What the career adviser didn’t tell you
  • How to survive criticism with self-esteem intact
  • What fluffers teach you about your job

Join Chris as he mingles arseh*les, reptiles, meat-palaces and other inappropriate metaphors with life-affirming reassurance, and shares valuable insight from over 5 years of genuinely traumatic personal experience as a freelancer.

Where to get it

The Human Freelancer is published by Lulu on Amazon in June 2014 and priced under a tenner. The manuscript is almost ready, save for some final design and layout tweaks courtesy of Gavin Platt.