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A target market I’m best suited to serve

The characteristics of my ideal client.

On to chapter 2 of ‘Book Yourself Solid’ (or modest, as I prefer) – a continuation of developing my business. In this exercise I’ve been asked to outline the characteristics of my ideal client.

Here’s where I’m at:

  • Northern, or in and around Yorkshire
  • Mid-30s to mid-40s
  • In an SME with two to roughly 20 people employed, small, independent company
  • Have a strong vision for change, with principled leaders
  • Offer something new: a disruptive service or marketplace challenger
  • Do things differently in their sector; stand apart; anti-establishment
  • Good at what they do but still exploring/testing the market
  • Like working agile, have a modest budget, certainly no marketing person, department or agency
  • Want to stand out and do something different – the right thing

By Chris Kenworthy | Coach

I'm Chris. I'm a coach. I help practically-minded do-ers, makers and thinkers find their place in the world.

If you feel lost or stuck; like you're not realising you true potential, apply for a coaching place to fix things on your own terms, once-and-for-all.

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