I’ve just had a guest blog post published by Mortimer Chadwick Gray, a public relations company based in Leeds and London. They invite guest bloggers and copywriters like myself to contribute articles on subjects like photography, marketing, food, PR and language.

Public sign in a park in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. It reads "The riding of motor cycles and horses or the playing of golf strokes is strictly prohibited on this land"

Poorly written public sign in a park in Chapel Allerton, Leeds

I chose the latter and penned a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek rant aimed squarely at poorly written public signs. It’s a subject close to my heart since attending a copywriting course run by the Plain English Campaign. Why obfuscate a public sign in incomprehensible gibberish that has just one objective: to be understood?

Grrr. My blood is boiling again so I’ll take a deep breath and let you read the full Bad Language: it’s always a sign article at Mortimer Chadwick Gray’s blog. Alternatively you can download the article as a PDF file.

Judge for yourself: pedantry or point valid?