Yellow poster reading "get fit for business"

Entrepreneur's boot camp

I’ve sort of had a taste of my own medicine. When I went freelance, part of my mission was to help people who don’t have time to tell the world about themselves because they’re too busy getting on with it.

Well here I am: getting on with it, solving that problem with copyriting and photography. But now I’m too busy to get to grips with all the practicalities of running a business: cash flow, tax and law to name but a few.

Necessary evils you might say or “worry about them later” you may also advise. Well, I think it’s only right that now this little snowball has begun its inexorable roll downhill that I get to grips with those subjects before this business manifests itself as a full blown avalanche.

A while back, I visited the helpful folks at the Leeds University Careers Centre or more specifically their ‘Spark’ entrepreneur project. I graduated from Leeds University some eight years previously and on a whim, decided to pop in and see if they could offer any tips for an experienced (old) alumni member like me.

They did more than that though, bringing the Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp to my attention: a four day residency where they hit each critical topic square on the head like some elaborate business-themed game of ‘whack-a-mole.’

So later this month I’ll be ‘going back to school,’ to swot-up on all the logistical essentials that most businesses probably take for granted. And by early July I’ll be armed with a whole new arsenal of weapons to compliment my smouldering creative ambitions.

Having the belief and determination is a topic for another blog post and I’ll cover that in due course, but suffice to say: just do it. There’s lots of support and resources out there. If you’re a graduate, I strongly recommend you get in touch with your old university career centre, even if you graduated a while back. The advice you’ll get will probably be more tailored and there’s always the possibility there might be funding available.

Leeds University graduates can find out more about the boot camps and business start-up support at Spark, part of Leeds University Careers Centre. But for everyone else there’s Business Link in Yorkshire.