The time has come for action. I’ve got pages and pages of ideas about what should change with my business. My notebooks are bursting with speculation and theory about what I could do. To make running my business more fulfilling.

But now I need to pick what I actually will do. This is what happens next territory.

Real concrete action.

By that I mean picking an idea and running with it. Getting something, anything, out there and promoting it. Then subjecting it to scrutiny to see if it’s feasible.

And it looks like the runner is this consistent theme of insight in my freelancing. Yes, I’ve spent years copywriting. But words were only ever a vehicle. 

What I was really doing was creating the conditions for personal realisations in my clients’ clients. Breakthroughs. Lightbulb moments. I was sowing the seeds of change in the minds of readers. So they took action – be it to book, buy or hire.

It turns out sales and marketing were never my real passion

Because I have too many reservations about sustainability, consumerism and dishonest manipulation. Likewise, the techniques I’ve learned were enriching the wrong people – causes and companies I didn’t always believe in.

My real passion is empowering people with knowledge.

Helping them make breakthroughs on their own terms. So they can get on with what really matters in life. And these lightbulb moments are an incredibly powerful way to do that.

It’s psychology. It’s behaviour. It’s the art of crafting the conditions surrounding them. Things I know and what to know more about.

That’s what fires me up

Now it’s time to put that power into the hands of the little people. Independent, creatively minded people like me in other disciplines. So they can reach and connect more effectively with their ideal clients. And their clients’ clients.

Especially creative people with businesses that have socially and environmentally useful outcomes.

I’m lucky. As a copywriter.

I can articulate my value and find angles to express that. Not every creative person is quite as fortunate. They’re undoubtedly talented in their own craft. But not in conveying the values behind and value of it, to people who matter most.

So I want to help them. 

By empowering them with the skills I’ve learned. Because they deserve to earn a sustainable living from meaningful work with their ideal clients. Not just big brands.

But that’s not the reason behind why I want to do this.

I want creative people to realise their true potential. By that I mean doing meaningful work that really helps people, to the best of their ability. I don’t want them held back by feeling undervalued, worthless and depressed

What next?

I’ve got my pitch, my offer. And I’ll be publishing that through the usual channels. But here’s my vision behind it.

In 2020 I see myself hosting:

  • One-to-one coaching sessions: for creative individuals ready to harness the power of lightbulb moments through their own personal brand.
  • Masterclass workshops: for groups of creatives who want to learn the techniques that create lightbulb moments, and share that value with their clients. 

They’ll be informal, engaging and above all else useful and insightful. And they’ll be tailored to creative people, with all the challenges they know so well. Like barriers to connecting with their ideal clients so they gain more meaningful work.

They’ll also be friendly and creative. In interesting spaces where likeminded people converge, to share their experiences. It’ll be collaborative and open. And totally adapted to the goals and aspirations of the creative people I serve.

It’ll be agile and personable too. I want to use my craft as way to build deeper connections with the creative people I serve. Instead of using it like a tool, for clients and projects I feel indifferent about.

So that means less copywriting at the coal-face

I feel like now, after a decade, I’ve served my time working directly with brands as a freelance copywriter.

Now I want to help real people grow in their creative practice. There’s a nurture-shaped hole in my business that I’m keen to explore. Gone are the days of in-and-out-the-door projects. In come closer, sustainable, meaningful relationships with likeminded people.

That’s my vision for 2020.