Public speaking casts fear into the hearts of most people, I’d wager; myself included. I suppose it’s a primal, reflex fear of exposing yourself to danger – in this case the judgemental eyes of your peers. So why would you voluntarily do a series of five presentations to students at Leeds Universities?

Because, like most people, once I relax and get talking I remember how much fun it is engaging with people on a subject you’re passionate about. Plus I’ve discovered some brilliant tips on how to memorise and deliver an awesome presentation (more later).

In this case, it’s freelancing. Specifically, I’ll be discussing the principles of happy, honest freelancing, and how to do it broadly in-line with the ideology/manifesto in a book I wrote called The Human Freelancer (available on Lulu and Amazon).

Things get off to a gentle start on 21st October at my first engagement for Leeds University’s EXPO15 event. There I’ll be on the Communications, PR & Marketing Panel taking questions from students about getting into that industry as a freelancer.

I say gentle: it’s a bit like being on trial in Leeds University’s Rupert Becket lecture theatre. If I remember correctly (from my days as a student at Leeds University) the audience sits above and looks down on speakers, which is quite appropriate because the Human Freelancer idea has now graduated beyond the pages of the book and what’s in my head to a full-blown, public ideology for people to scrutinise.

Will it hold firm? Let’s find out.

After Leeds University’s EXPO event it’s on to The School of Media and Communication’s Media Futures event, then Leeds Trinity’s Employability & Enterprise week, then finally Leeds Becket University’s Kick Start your Freelance Career event.

If that all wasn’t enough, there’s also the prospect of being on another panel at York University to promote their Freelance Challenge competition, encouraging students to turn a passion or hobby into a career.

Get the full low-down on my guest speaking events as a freelancer in Leeds on the Human Freelancer blog.

For brilliant tips on how to deliver a memorable presentation, check out this post on Tip 6 about memorising your notes is exceptionally useful.