So, it seems that blogging about subjects which genuinely interest you and the people you want to build relationships with, really does work.

After several years of getting random leads through this website, I’m now getting better quality enquiries from clients who really want to work with me, based on criteria that really matters, like how I work with people, what I’m best at helping them with and (flatteringly) my style.

Something changed when I refreshed things with a new theme – maybe it made the website more SEO friendly, or, more likely, when I restructured its content to make my offering simpler.

I’ve been more direct and explicit about what I do (like case studies and event photography), and visitors here seem to pick up on that. People who call or email me about my freelance copywriting and event photography now mention what they’ve read here, or tell me they think we’d be a good fit if we worked together.

It’s very flattering to have someone interested in your work of course, but it’s actually practical and beneficial for both of us. Because clients get someone who’s demonstrably good at doing what they need help with, and I get a client who wants to work with me, because of how I work and what my skills bring to their business.

It’s been a while, but here we are. And I arrived here through the simple act of writing.

Powerful, persuasive stuff this copywriting business, isn’t it?