In a little over an hour I’ll embark on my fourth guest speaking event, elucidating the benefits and brutal truths of what it’s like (and what it takes) to be a happy, honest freelancer in Leeds. The talk is to students of Leeds Becket University as part of their Kick Start Your Freelance Career event in Leeds.

Today’s topic is how to set the right price and communicate with clients. I was a little hesitant about talking money, only because to decent freelancers it’s a valueless facilitator for the necessities of life, plus a few indulgences in the finer things civilisation has to offer.

That said, I appreciate that it’s a legitimate worry for newcomers to freelancing in Leeds and deserves respect and attention. My angle is to impart some simple advice they probably want to hear (like how much to charge per hour) but delve deeper into the underlying fears and anxieties new freelancers have about asking for remuneration.

I’ll also cover practical steps like writing a thoughtful quote to help clients choose the right person for the right job, which ultimate benefits client and freelancer alike. It’s an extension of the things I wrote about in a book called The Human Freelancer.

If you’re interested in why I’m doing all this guest speaking to students in Leeds, read more here.