Just a quick update to express relief that the first of my Human Freelance lectures went down well. I was one of four guest speakers on the Marketing, PR and Communications panel at Leeds University’s EXPO15 event, harping on about how fulfilling (and emancipating) being a freelancer is.

Having your convictions put to the test is an eye opener, and I hope I did life as a freelancer in Leeds justice, despite suffering a nasty cold.

A couple of questions and sensible objections caught me off balance, so I pulled together a fuller response on the Human Freelancer blog to help convince students that being a freelancer marketing copywriter is a worthwhile, legitimate career option.

Next up is a proper, full-blown presentation on what it is to be a happy, honest freelancer for Leeds University’s School of Media & Communication at their Media Futures event.

If you’re wondering what the hell I’m up to with these events, check out the background on my public speaking events for students, or read more about the book I’m promoting, called The Human Freelancer.