Unspoken assumptions and conditions are the bane of fruitful projects. Whenever there’s an obstacle, you can bet it’s down to a difference in understanding between the minds of client and freelancer.

I always do my best to spell out everything important when a client hires me for freelance copywriting in Leeds or event photography. But urgent deadlines (they’re always urgent) have a pesky habit of clouding our attention, and it’s only when you get stuck into the work that those misunderstandings begin to emerge, especially on complicated projects.

So to put things straight, I’ve finally decided to write a friendly contract that exists between me and my freelance clients. Put simply, it states the obvious – things people take for granted, our mutual duties and expectations and how things will work when you hire me as your freelancer in Leeds.

There’s absolutely no malevolent small print, or tricky conditions designed to trip you up. It’s deliberately written simply and explicitly to protect everyone.

If you hire me to write your copy, snap your event photography or in any other capacity as an honourable freelancer in Leeds, then this contract applies to our working business relationship. There’s a link to it in the signature of every email I send too, stating quite clearly that it applies when we do business and that I’ll assume you’ve read it before we do business.

Have a read – I’m proud of it. Particularly section 10, entitled ‘I want you to be happy’ which pretty much captures the essence of our contract. And happiness, which follows when people are open with one another, and when our intentions and actions are in harmony, should be its natural by-product.