From-time-to-time I’ve been known to be a bit contrary*. And on occasions, irreverent – or so readers of my book about freelancing might say.

Never difficult or awkward (I’m not a tool). Just a private fomenter of personal defiance and principle, especially when it comes to ‘business’.

Put it this way, convention makes me come out in a rash. I prefer to not do the ‘done thing’. I detest being part of a brainless crowd.

Trends, style and fashion never really sat comfortable when I was a youngster. Perhaps because I was a geek at school. If I were shorter with dimmer wits, I’d have been singled out for obligatory thrashings and ridicule. But I survived and thrived.

Yet this was no passing adolescent phase, because here I am two decades later – affably oppugnant as ever. And as it turns out, these are useful characteristics for a freelance copywriter like me. We can observe things from the outside in. Far enough to bring fresh perspective, but close enough to grasp the mechanics.

For clients like you, it means I can write about things differently. Usually that’s a product or service you want to punt. Though more generally the people who come to me struggle to talk about what they do in a way that sets them apart. That you copy wrote you wrote yourself… does it sound tired and unoriginal? Hello.

As with most ‘facts of life’ hard-learned in the playground – gaining an edge in later life, especially in the marketing industry, represents the exact opposite of every teenager’s creed. You must stand out to succeed. Say, do, be different.

What I’m trying to say is there are plenty of copywriters out there who’ll tell you what you want to hear.

I’m not one of them.

Let’s make this project interesting. How can we do it differently? So we don’t sound like everyone else.

If I promise you one thing, it’s that. Your copy will never be passive, bereft of soul and lacking in passion (i.e. like everyone else). Instead, it’ll be fresh, and spread messages that are anything but dull. We’ll inspire our readers, with the same honesty and enthusiasm with which you run your business.

* = OK, most of the time and deliberately so.