My former middle-management self is an all-too-typical story of smothered creativity, and tiresome servitude to our jargon-loving corporate overlords.

That’s until bu11sh1t like Toby’s fuelled my escape into freelance copywriting. Fired up by senseless tosh, I knew what had to happen next…

Let’s put this right

I dream of a world where people say what they really mean to. A world in which we talk sense to one another, using thoughtfully crafted, honest words that satisfy our most basic need.

To understand and be understood

There are plenty of freelance copywriters out there ready to do what they’re told. Average copywriters who’ll scribble you something unique that always ends up sounding like everyone else.

But I’m not one of them

I’m a refugee from the land of unintelligible business-speak, and empty corporate clichés give me PTSD.
Yet ask me to subvert it. Ask me to channel my fury at dull, lifeless could-be-anyone sales and marketing copy – and transform it into messages that challenge the status quo.

That’s what really pushes my buttons.

Straight-talking copy for people who dare to sound different

I revel in the unravelling of complexity. I debunk empty promises for breakfast. I live for not telling you what you want to hear if your message isn’t up to scratch.

Why? Because deep-down I’m an awkward sod (a.k.a an adoptive Yorkshireman). Contrary and fastidious, inquisitive and free-thinking – I hate following the crowd. Always have and always will. And much to the delight of my clients, that often rubs off on my copywriting.

If you strive for plain-speaking when all your rivals sound the same, then let’s do things differently. With clear, insightful copywriting that persuades people to do business with you.

It’s a lovely feeling – getting your point across. And I’d like to help you do the same.

Time to teach smug Toby a lesson.