It’s easy to find yourself in work that pays the bills but doesn’t really press your buttons and play to your strengths. Sadly, I believe that’s what many of us do, in fact I found myself doing exactly that until I switched to freelancing.

So every once in a while it’s a good idea to look at what your strengths are, and compare them against what you do for a living. This is the next exercise in my ongoing dabble with the Book Yourself Solid process, to help develop my business and get more of the right kind of clients.

In this exercise I’ve been asked to consider what I’m fascinated by, my natural strengths and what I know most about in my field. The theory is that the more aligned you are with these, the more fulfilling work will be.

What are you fascinated to learn more about?

  • Curious to learn more about ethical business, sustainable living
  • Renewable energy because it’s new, pioneering, how that integrates with communities, the technology, how it connects and powers the economy
  • The challenges and solutions, evolution of technology and the stories behind it
  • People’s personal quests to put things right
  • Connectedness to nature, harmony with the environment, provision for the future
  • Wellness, wellbeing, meaningfulness in work, new ways of working and creativity
  • Human behaviour, economics, geopolitics

Natural strengths

I’m a little hesitant to publish something as self-aggrandising as what follows, but as a freelancer I am the service. And people promote their business on the strengths of their service. So there’s no way around this.

  • Understanding complex systems and mechanisms
  • Fascinated by why humans act the way they do, I enjoy investigating how we connect with people
  • Analysis and synthesis of complex information
  • Capturing other people’s excitement and passion
  • Articulating and crafting a persuasive argument
  • Being honest and clear, not manipulative or smarmy or slick
  • Reducing something complex to its most simple form
  • Relentless curiosity and appetite for learning new things
  • Challenging the status quo, not wanting to follow the crowd and do what everyone else does
  • Explaining how things work without being patronising
  • Dependable, reliable and keep promises. Trusting and trustworthy
In a nutshell, I enjoy satisfying my curiosity, learning about something new and its features and benefits, extrapolating and being imaginative about its outcomes and explaining how it works. I always try and do the right thing.

What I know most about in my field

  • Web and digital technology and how humans interact with computers
  • Structuring information and pacing
  • Judging just the right amount and quantity of information
  • How to engage people in the creative process, get the right answers
  • Writing straight-talking, plain-English that’s easy to understand

More exercises to follow. I’ll continue publishing my progress here, as an external commitment to developing my business for the better.