So your vision’s to be the market leader in whatever it is you do. Nice.

Why though? All your rivals say that too.

Is it because all your customers will choose you if you’re the best?

Sorry, but that’s obvious. Again, your rivals want that too. And it still doesn’t shed any light on the real motives behind why you do what you do. Because they’re what people truly connect with.

Come on: think hard. Think really hard

What got you into this? Why do you want to make a difference? What do you stand for?

If you’re still struggling, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The scenario described above is fairly typical. And it usually takes a couple of hours’ intense scrutiny with my copywriting clients until the truth emerges – the beliefs behind a vision.
And the trick to unveiling it is the unspoken art of inference.

By that I mean listening carefully to what you say, paraphrasing it back at you (to make sure I’ve understood you correctly) and then chasing an idea to its logical conclusion. It involves intuition, listening for verbal cues and recurrent themes. There’s a healthy amount of creative suggestion too, ones we’ll rule out, or explore together.

To continue our example, your cause might be setting the record straight because the market’s filled with shysters who give your trade a bad name. Maybe it’s because customers keep getting treated unfairly and you’re on a mission to rebuild trust. Or perhaps you’re just difficult buggers who get off on disrupting the status quo.

Inference plugs the gap between what you say and what you really mean. And it’s my job, as a meticulous, persistent freelance copywriter, to keep going until I’m satisfied we’ve answered these difficult questions.

A pleasant byproduct of immersive copywriting

I’ve often found that everyone comes out the other side of this immersive process having learned a little more about themselves and why they’re dedicating their time to their cause.

In fact, its not uncommon to hear client say “well, I never thought about it like that”, or suddenly thump the desk and exclaim “that’s it, that’s us in a nutshell – you’ve hit the nail on the head!”. These are the little clues that tell me we’re onto something.

If you fancy truly revealing why you do what you do, you know what to do.