My freelance copywriting and photography business in Leeds reaches the noble age of 6 years old soon, and it’s about time this website does a better job of proudly showcasing how I help my clients.

The website before you is more cleanly laid-out and works better on mobile devices too, plus I think it looks bloody gorgeous.

When you run a small business like me, it’s tricky being bold about what you specialise in. You worry it’ll put people off offering you interesting work that might otherwise have landed your way. Yet I’ve noticed that when people see you’re capable and dedicated at one domain of work, they make the correct assumption that you’ll be able to adapt your skills to other, similar, domains.

And after hesitating for years, it’s a relief to see my website finally reflects that ambition. Here you’ll find I’ve refined my services to the three core areas you’ll see on the homepage:

  • Clear copy for websites (and old-fashioned print)
  • Insightful case studies for content marketing
  • Event photography in Leeds

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief asserting that decision and can get on with the most exciting part: actually doing it.