This bathroom wall won’t paint itself, despite having had enough time to become self-aware, form a rudimentary appreciation of colour and evolve the appendages necessary to bathe itself in tasteful maritime tones.

Alas, I’ve concluded that it’s time to get the professionals in. Well, almost – let’s procrastinate over another brew first.

Paint brushes in a pot

Photo by Ollily

In this familiar stalemate you could substitute any other challenging project for painting which demands specialist skills and dedicated resources, including copywriting and marketing. That’s why people call in specialists like freelancers or tradesmen – when things need to get done (usually very quickly).

Yet any decent freelancer will tell you that there’s more to solving a client’s problem than simply providing specialist skills and resources.

What good freelancing is about

  • Renewing enthusiasm
  • Hurrying things along to completion
  • Making decisions easier
  • Organising information and tasks
  • Making things happen at the right time

Great freelancers do this through a combination of craftsmanship, communication and delicate project management. Yet you won’t find those services explicitly advertised here on my website because I believe my clients have a right to expect those skills as part of the package.

Empathetic freelancers are also acutely aware of the tricky stalemate I describe earlier, when a client faces up to a problem and calls the professionals in for help. That’s a brave thing to do.

In my line of work, copywriting comes with all sorts of decisions, like who to write for, what to say and what not to say (people always want to say too much to everyone). So patience and support join the list above when my clients drag their feet or admit they’re not sure what to do next.

Now, if only I could choose the right flavoured tea bag for this distracting brew.