It might seem like an unusual combination but the two disciplines of freelance copywriting and freelance photography have more in common than you might think. Both demand an analytical eye; to spot and magnify the interesting details that engage an audience. Likewise, both capture reality and reflect it back as a persistent artefact – best done with clarity and honesty.

In more practical terms, words and pictures are natural bedfellows on the web. In combination, they captivate people and express meaning. That’s why they’re such powerful tools for framing your brand or communicating a message.

Yet for one Leeds freelancer to be both a copywriter and an event photographer often raises an eyebrow. So this is my attempt to clarify why I do both.

Most of my freelance work these days is copywriting. Partly because there’s an abundance of very forgiving camera technology (making everyone a photographer and competitor), but mostly because fewer people are as good with words as they are at releasing a shutter.

Freelance photography became a profession when I graduated beyond the technicalities of composing a good photo with decent light, into the art of engaging subjects and being in the right place at the right time. And that soon transformed my hobby into an ongoing sequence of sporadic freelance photography briefs for PR agencies and event organisers in Leeds.

Yet freelance copywriting projects are my bread and butter

Copywriting seems to come more naturally (as clients will attest), and when people ask what I do I always describe myself as a freelance copywriter in Leeds, who also has a knack for event photography.

At school, maths and art were tolerable but humanities were my subject and the pencil my ally. These days, I identify more with the noble craft of writing than with the glamour and ubiquity of the photography industry. Perhaps it’s a subconscious motive, but it deeply influences how you market yourself as a freelancer, as well as the kind of work you attract. It’s even altered the structure of this new website you’re reading now – emphasising copywriting as my primary offer, with event photography an added bonus.

So there you have it: I’m a freelance copywriter with artisan inclinations who’s handy with a camera too.