Being a freelance copywriter means it’s my job to ask tricky questions, like what makes your business tick?, what do you stand for? and why do you do what you do?.

I pose thought-provoking questions like these to my clients everyday. Yet I rarely ask them of myself.

That’s because most sole traders are often too busy working in their business, rather than on it. And I’m no exception. We lock our vision away at the back of our minds for safe-keeping, occasionally reflecting on good or bad experience and dreaming of a brighter future. But we rarely get around to planning and shaping one.

So, as the curtains are drawn on 2016, I turn the spotlight inward for a grand finale: a shift to a more values-based approach to running my business. Like I increasingly tell my clients: The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

You find people like these on common ground – where your values and beliefs overlap. This isn’t the what or the how, this is all about the why you’re committed to your cause, and what it is.

I recently published this post about what’s important to my business, and this is its continuation – a translation of those values into what it’s like to hire me as your freelance copywriter or event photographer.

Here’s my mission as a freelance copywriter in Leeds and event photographer

I firmly believe people should make informed decisions about the things they need in their life. Things which solve real problems hampering quality of life.

The important word there is informed.

I’m fortunate enough to have an aptitude for doing that with words and photos. And I’ve a duty to put it to responsible use, educating and inspiring where I can.

I also believe truth and honesty is the only way us humans build lasting, meaningful relationships. So it’s my job to unearth the facts, and share them in a way that’s clearer and easier-to-understand. And always with positive intentions.

Another two notable words for you there: clearer and easier.

What fuels my fire is humanity’s poisonous addiction to obscuring things with needless complexity. You know the sort of corporate drivel I’m talking about. People can go to war over this shit.

I want to sift through the bilge, one sentence (or photo op) at a time, until there’s no better way to say what you really mean to say. I distill complexity. I clarify your message.

Complexity doesn’t phase me, nor do myriad abstract ideas and subtle, tricky concepts. In fact, I rather enjoy them.

Overwhelmingly nebulous projects with unrealistic deadlines and insufficient resources; I don’t. Yet present me with an interesting challenge that’s fair and manageable, and we’re already off to a flying start.

Every one of us holds a solution to any problem we face. But not all of us know where to begin, or perhaps more appropriately, how to express it.

I help people like you overcome these obstacles with empathy, insight and an endlessly curious nature. I crave new, diverse experience, and knowledge of the unfamiliar. I love getting under the hood and working out what makes things tick. Usually, that’s the motives and processes behind your business. What you do well, and what makes your business special.

I also know what it’s like to want to stand out and be admired on your merits. For your hard work. Your effort. I believe everyone has a right to appreciation and respect for that. So I help your business elevate itself, and gain the recognition (and rewards) you rightfully deserve from customers, partners and rivals alike.

Above all else I want to seize my own destiny. By creating useful things for people, feeling a connection with the end-to-end process of making them, and lifting others out of ruts who’d otherwise struggle on their own. I want to see ideas made real and take on a life of their own.

That’s why I freelance (and now help others do the same).

With the right trust and support, freelancing affords me the autonomy everyone deserves. Freedom to do a damn good job, under your own steam.

Finally, if I make a sustainable living out of doing all this, one that lets me do all the other things that make life fulfilling, I’ll be content. As long as I’m capable, I will. And I’ll always pay it back to society.

I aspire to live responsibly, minimise my impact on nature and nurture a sense of wellbeing in myself and the people I meet along the way.

Pretty reasonable, I hope. Sound good? Let’s talk.