Improv Co-Lab Leeds

A friendly drop-in event for improvisers of comedy and drama in Leeds, West Yorkshire, who are keen to get more regular practice by performing improvisation, and playing games and improvised scenes.

What this is all about

Welcome to open play for improvisers, twice monthly in Leeds. With themed sessions and fun short-form games, we’ll explore and bring-to-life the principles and practice of improvisation.

You’re welcome at Co-Lab whatever your improv experience

Amongst us are beginners, ex-drama students, amateur and professional actors, lapsed and experienced performing improvisers.

You’ll get the most out of this if you’re curious, open-hearted and courageous - ready to jump in and play (that’s improv!). As a newcomer, you’re welcome to come observe a few games and get a feel for our group, then join in as the session unfolds.

While Leeds Improv Co-Lab isn’t a formal class or taught lesson, you’ll be in safe hands because I’ll host and facilitate/lead the session. I’ll make sure we’re welcomed, warmed up, and that everyone plays fairly and on-time.

This event is for you if you’re curious to:

  • Gain more experience improvising comedy and drama.
  • Meet fellow improvisers in Leeds.
  • Experiment with new improv games or ideas.
  • Form your own improv performance troupe.
  • Have fun and a jolly good time.

Tickets for upcoming Improv Co-Lab events in Leeds

What to expect at Improv Co-Lab Leeds

Here’s what a typical 90-minute session looks like:

  1. Welcome and theme introduction - we’ll introduce what we’re here to explore and play with during our session.
  2. Check-in and agreements - we’ll make sure we’re all safe, seen and know what to expect.
  3. Gentle warm-up - time to feel more synchronised, inspired, looser and more connected with the people around us so play feels easier.
  4. Play improv games and scenes! (+ Comfort break) - we’ll play with a handful of activities that bring our theme to life, usually short-form improvised scenes with two or more people improvising a situation with characters. Always with plenty of reflection, encouragement and support.
  5. Check-out and close - we’ll recap on the theme, what we loved and learned, and give ourselves a smooth transition back to everyday life.

Past session themes include follow your feet, character work, play it big, mischief, truth in comedy, mistakes and failure. I also invite guest teachers to host special one-off sessions.

This is a not-for-profit event

Your ticket covers ongoing running costs like hiring a room in a nice venue and admin fees. Concession tickets are available if you can’t afford to buy a ticket - just send me a message about this.

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Your host

[Chris Kenworthy]

Hello. I’m Chris, an enthusiastic and curious improviser (and professional coach). I travel the UK and Europe exploring improv retreats, workshops and intensives, then offer my discoveries to the group for everyone to play with. I’ve trained with The Maydays, Maria Peters, Jennifer Jordan and Chris Mead.

I’m keen to build a more connected improv scene here in Leeds. I’d also like to deepen my improv by playing with a consistent group of friendly improvisers. I’m still learning too!