Although this website needs a bit of a facelift to reflect it, I’ve doubled-down on something I’ve inadvertently become something of an expert in – copywriting insightful case studies.

They’re one of the ways I live my Why – what I stand for and how it helps people. More of that in another post, soon.

In the meantime, this is a note to the attention of passers-by to a series of articles I’ve had published on LinkedIn, under the snappy title: Want to know your value AND gain more meaningful work? Interview clients. Write case studies like this.

It turns out there’s a load of quite useful information, and an easy-to-follow method, in my head about how to write these kinds of case studies. Case studies that reveal what you’re worth to your ideal clients, whilst attracting more of them – plus all that meaningful work they bring.

Part one in this series explores why the world needs your case studies (if that wasn’t already clear).

For the moment, this series is just a brain dump for everything I know about copywriting case studies, to get it out there and see if there’s any interest.

Next year I’ll convert it all into a digestible, short-form eBook and an incredibly useful workshop too – to help people write their own case studies; because that’s ultimately the goal.

I want to empower people like you to write and tell you own stories; discover your own value, and hand-hold you through the voyage of discovery that writing them is. Sure, you get some nice content for marketing at the end of it but these are so much more.

Read my series of articles on LinkedIn to find out why.