After a mysterious delay, my guide to happy and honest freelancing, The Human Freelancer, is now published on Amazon!

Inside, conscientious newcomers to freelancing will be subjected to lots of well-intentioned, if often irreverent, advice from the soul of an emotionally-liberated Yorkshireman in chapters like:

  • What the career adviser didn’t tell you
  • How to survive criticism with self-esteem intact
  • What fluffers teach you about your job

It’s a call-to-arms for anyone who fancies making a living doing what they enjoy, and liberating more time to do the other things that keep them happy. It’s sort of like a manifesto for fulfilment, exploring everything you won’t find in other dull business self-help books.

If you fancy reading an unconventional treatise on freelancing, it’s worth every penny of its fair £5.69 price tag.