The fruit of February’s labour ripens as an advertorial I wrote for kokino-marvo appears in today’s Yorkshire Post:

An advertorial in a newspaper

kokino-marvo's Yorkshire Post advertorial

Advertorials calls for a crafty copywriter

This is an advert after all, but it’s meant to look and read like an article. So there’s a careful balance between being informative and subtly selling something at the same time.

The brief is to create a buzz around kokino-marvo in advance of the Yorkshire Mafia conference. Andy who runs kokino-marvo in Leeds wants to inspire curiosity in an incredibly powerful service that most small businesses don’t even realise is available to them. His consultancy helps businesses get to know their customers better using decision science (what’s that? Read the advertorial!).

I opted for a style that gives someone a reason to read the article. In exchange for reading the advert they learn some useful information: what decision science is and how it can help them. That addresses the trusty “what’s in it for me” question. All written in active first-person tone (“your… you”) that talks directly and personably to the reader.

How to copywrite an advertorial

First up, I popped in a trusty how to headline – a technique borrowed from blog copywriting. They’re always sure to cultivate interest in the reader. That’s paired with the main benefits of kokino-marvo’s service. Not long after that we launch into empathy for the reader’s problem:

Surprisingly most people only use their intuition to make important decisions. Hunches about what customers might want. And gut-feelings about how they’ll behave.

It’s very important to echo a reader’s problem. It shows you understand and empathise. You’re then in a strong position to solve their problem because you’ve already created a bond with them.

Read the full advertorial

You’ll find a few other clever little copywriting tricks in there to keep up momentum and propel the reader towards the final call to action. I’ll let you spot the rest in the full PDF version of the kokino-marvo Yorkshire Post advertorial.

This advertorial is the first of three projects I’ve crerated as freelance copywriter for kokino-marvo. View the rest »