Listinio confirmation page with a picture of a hand giving a 'high five'

An enthusiastic 'thank you' awaits users at Listinio

It’s not often you get these things in the same place at once but that won’t stop me trying. And to achieve that goal I’ve joined the Listinio team as freelance copywriter to help populate their social list web app with friendly, clear and quirky copy.

I was just about to launch into a description of what Listinio is. But I thought I’d let the copy speak for itself:

If it’s worth recording, it’s worth sharing right? Unless it’s a top 10 of anything. Eurgh. We don’t like those. Listinio is for itemising what’s important, in no particular order and then sharing it with other people.

Add your favourite cocktails, ingredients for a nice pie or ideas for presents. Rate other people’s lists too and spread the love. But for the love of God don’t try and add a top 10, we hate priorities.

(Excerpt above: copywriting for a Listinio welcome message)

Animals: a copywriter’s pets

I played about with a few ideas (parties, animals … celebrities) and offered up two or three options for each piece of copywriting. We chose to run with a feral animal theme. The idea is that each list is like a creature born into the world by a user.

The metaphor is continued though social media functionality. A list is free to roam about and interact with other users. Other people love and share the lists they find and you ‘feed’ lists with new information:

Here they are!

And don’t they all look cute? Lists are meant to live in the wild: free for everyone to love and enjoy. Select the heart button to show your love for a list.

A list never forgets its owner too. That’s why you can always say hello to lists you’ve created and feed them new information when you drop by.

(Excerpt above: copywriting for a Listinio landing page message)

Mick Hucknall: a copywriter’s best friend

I’ll be copywriting landing pages, copy for marketing emails and form/control micro-copy (feedback messages and labels). There’s also a chance to have fun with traditionally dry web pages like the HTTP 404 error (page not found). In fact that’s where you’ll find Mick Hucknall:

Screen shot of Listinio's HTTP 404 error page with a drawing of Mick Hucknall

Mick Hucknall gets it at Listinio

More to come …

Listinio is a labour of love for interface designer Paul Mackenzie and developer Michael Heap. It’s a work in progress and I’ll post a new blog entry when the Listinio web site goes live.