Given the changeable late summer weather, it was touch and go as to whether we’d have any takers for the Art as Environment family workshop at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, running as a ‘drop in’ event for passing children and adults. Luckily, a school trip of young children were keen to get involved with all the cardboard and sticky tape up for grabs. The sculpture event was hosted by artist and Feiweles Trust Bursary holder Emily Speed.

Children were invited to represent themselves as different types of structures based on self-portraits which would represent their personalities. The logical conclusion for this of course were biscuit islands and castles in the sky with flying dragons above them.

Photographing excitable children is normally a tough challenge, but with a creative distraction like some sculpture or artwork they barely notice when you’re composing images. It’s also refreshing to put the camera to one side and just talk with them, put them at ease, help cut cardboard and ask why the Gerbil they’ve drawn has wheels.

The brief for these types of shoots is to capture people, process, tuition, tools and the artwork produced. It’s a fairly loose direction with the advantage that it gives me a lot of freedom to move around and take photographs as I see them develop.