Skype really came into its own this month. I’m copywriting PricePie’s brand new web site to tell the world all about their exciting and altruistic new venture. The twist is they’re based in Southampton and we’re collaborating completely remotely. And distance isn’t presenting any obstacle to how speedily things are coming together either. In fact the home page is already up:

PricePie clearly shows where your money goes when you pay for products and services. It’s a symbol next to a price that we’ve independently checked and verified.

That’s the neat little two sentence strap line I wrote to quickly tell visitors what PricePie is about. It sits atop their home page above three of their service’s strongest benefits.

Screen shot of PricePie's home page

PricePie's home page

Brochure web sites like PricePie’s need a home page which answers three simple questions for readers. And very quickly too:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why should I do business with you?

After all, the web site is marketing backup for all the pitches, presentations and networking the PricePie team will be doing over the next few months as they grow. Uninitiated people will find out about the web site from business cards, emails and events.

Tailor-made copywriting

With those three questions answered in the home page copy, the site then funnels two types of reader into tailor-made sections. Retailers are taken through three simple stages to inform, explain and turn them into partners. They are the primary audience of the site while PricePie builds its brand.

Consumers are encouraged to take action as supporters. That’s because PricePie isn’t just a commercial service, it’s a vision for honest and ethical prices for everyone. And part of a growing ethical consumerism movement too. So to help build a community there’s Twitter and Facebook social media integration built into the site.

I’ve planned copywriting which is highly outcome focussed. All the great things about PricePie are translated into real-world scenarios which the reader can easily understand and visualise. Here’s an excerpt explaining why a retailer should have their product verified by PricePie:

Kerry makes an ethical and informed decision to buy your product. Instead of similar ones offered by your competitors. But it doesn’t end there. Kerry tells all her colleagues about you. She praises your honest prices and says it feels good to know money is shared responsibly and fairly. She even comes back to buy from you again in the future now that she trusts you.

You can read more about customer focussed outcomes in my post on two simple methods for improving your copywriting.

More to come

There’ll be a frequently asked questions section, a blog (which they’ll write themselves) and lovely personable PricePie team biographies too. PricePie’s web site will be going live mid-late December so I’ll follow it up with another blog post then. And for those who’re interested: PricePie’s web site uses the powerful and free WordPress content management system skinned with a free theme by Mystique.