I aspire to keep a tasteful division between my professional and personal life. Not because I’ve got anything to hide, more that the two have different priorities. But my alter-egos cross-pollinated last weekend when I decided to capture a rock ‘n’ roll break to Center Parcs in Suffolk for my 30th birthday.

I set myself a brief to capture an unconventional perspective on the weekend’s events. The incidental moments that evolved when people weren’t posing, the adjoining events between the main ones and interactions between people. Someone also swore at the camera too. I left that one in because it evokes a reaction when you see it – doesn’t all great photography though?

A point and shoot Canon IXUS 100 camera was used for the job. To focus (excuse pun) on composition rather than getting caught up in exposure settings. Deferring judgement to the camera is uncomfortable for a manual-control DSLR user like me, but at the same time it’s liberating. You concentrate solely on light and framing your subjects.

Bravely (some may argue foolishly) I turned the flash off. For me, on-camera full-frontal flash washes out a photograph. It makes your subjects look like spectators at Hiroshima and gives horribly harsh shadows. Don’t get me wrong – flash is OK. Just not head-on and in a scientific rather than artistic manner. One more disclaimer: the resultant photos are a bit grainy and softly focussed – all to be expected from a hand-held camera without a fast lens in near dark conditions. I think it adds character to the images though.

So. Just this once I thought I’d push the boat out and give you a glimpse into how the other half live. Here’s a sanitised set, the rest are under lock and key on Facebook so you’ll have to use your imagination.