JOMC toyed with the idea of a monthly email newsletter for some time. Gently simmering away on the back burner, the project needed bringing to the boil and in April they decided it was time to turn up the gas and draft me in.

Screenshot of JOMC's email newsletter

JOMC's email newsletter

I take away the headache of editing and assembling content for one of the UK’s leading safety and engagement consultancies while they’re busy helping some serious industry heavyweights. Here’s a peak at the first edition.

What do you write about in a newsletter?

Well for a start there’s no hard-sell. It’s a chance to talk to your readers and impart some friendly advice about what you do best. And that’s what just we’ve done with JOMC. There’s wry humour, opinion and experience – all ‘on topic’ but interesting and compelling. Our goal is to posit JOMC as experts in their field and so keep the brand at the front of the reader’s mind.

Why hire a freelance copywriter to write your newsletter

First there’s the huge benefit of time. You’re probably too busy actually doing your job to write about it. Then there’s the fresh pair of eyes a freelance copywriter can bring to your newsletter. We aren’t dangerously close to your subject matter and can step back and show you how best to interest your audience.

Plus there’s all the leg work too. For JOMC I take care of:

  • Editing and organising content
  • Improving headlines and copy
  • Building a HTML newsletter from scratch (with design by Look!media Leeds)
  • Marking up content into email and online formats
  • Testing

But the most important and often underestimated advantage of using a freelance copywriter is the gentle nudge in the right direction we bring. If you keep meaning to get round to your newsletter or the project never seems to move off the back burner it’s probably time to draft in a freelance copywriter.