Don’t you just love the smell of a freshly baked pie as it’s gently coaxed out of a baking hot oven? Your eyes light up and your spirits lift as the tasty little morsel sees light of day for the first time. Smells aside, that’s how I feel about my most recent copywriting adventure: cooking up PricePie’s new website which went live this morning.

Sam from PricePie came to me with the brief less than a month ago. His business idea is a new way to encourage fair and ethical prices:

PricePie clearly shows where your money goes when you buy products and services. You’ll see a pie chart and our logo next to a price to prove we’ve independently verified it as accurate and honest.

It’s a bit like the way those Fairtrade labels work: conveying impartiality, recognition and reassurance at the point of sale.

Screen shot of PricePie's consumer involvement page

PricePie's call to action with social media

Over Skype I coaxed out Sam’s aspirations for PricePie, understood how it’ll work and got to the root of his problem. He’s meeting potential clients and raising awareness of PricePie’s cause right now, so needs a speedy back up for his marketing activities. That’ll need an engaging brochure web site with integrated social media. And built quickly too.

WordPress really steps up to the mark for a job like this. In just hours, we had a web site set up and Sam was already fishing out free designs from a pool of innumerable free WordPress themes. I also got a head start: with a day’s worth of research into similar ethical consumerism brands to get a flavour for the copywriting ahead.

Copywriting for PricePie

With a good grasp of what the competition is doing and the likely questions that readers will ask, I crafted a copywriting plan. We’d take the two distinct groups of users on a stepped journey:

  1. Ethical businesses: inform and recruit as partners (the primary audience)
  2. Ethical consumers: inform and involve as advocates

These use short, punchy pages peppered with clear benefits and outcomes. At the end of each journey is an appropriate call to action: businesses apply to become partners and consumers join the debate on social media channels. That’s Twitter and Facebook social media integration into the PricePie site to make noise and conversation around the brand.

I’ve also set up a blog for the PricePie team to populate with their own thoughts, opinion and analysis. Like social media, I’ll be hand-holding and giving advice on blogging (which they’ll write their own copy for).


Perhaps a bit self-indulgent but here’s what I enjoyed and took from this copywriting project:

  • Immersing myself completely in a new subject (ethical consumerism) to produce convincing and accessible copywriting
  • Great practice turning features and benefits into easily understandable customer outcomes
  • Collaborating remotely towards a shared goal (I did the copywriting in Leeds, PricePie reviewed in Winchester)
  • Hearing how happy my client is with their new PricePie web site!