If you ask any photographer what their pet hate is (aside from people who don’t like having their photograph taken) it’s more than likely to be that sinking feeling after having let a photo opportunity slip by – either by not having a camera to hand or passing it by without thinking to take a shot.

While this has happened in the past, luckily it happens much less for me these days because I always carry a point and shoot camera. And last Friday at a wedding I was fortuitous enough to have both DSLR cameras with me while taking a walkabout outside the wedding reception venue – a hotel in north Leeds.

It was here that I stumbled across a group of smokers loitering outside a fire exit feeding their habit, so I took some impromptu portraits set against some urban backdrops. The photos have been post-processed for additional creative effect: to lower the saturation and give them a crisp, modern fashion-shoot type feel.