They say thirteen is unlucky for some – not for me though, as Tuesday 13th April was my first official assignment for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The assignment was to capture events as they unfolded at the ‘Stacking Stones’ sculpture workshop held in their education area, at their Bretton Park site in Wakefield.

The workshop is part of the Stone Project, I’ll save on regurgitating the aims of the project to you as they’re helpfully provided on their website. But, in essence it’s all about perceiving stone as an element and to understand our connection with it as something which has been worked for as long as, well, as long as we’ve been around as humans.

Around fifteen people attended the afternoon workshop, numbers slowly grew as families saw what was going on and wanted a piece of the action. Children outnumbered adults roughly two to one so there was plenty of excitement and enthusiasm for the different activities that went on. They were shown examples of stone formations across the world and encouraged to design their own sculptural formations using paper, glue and cut out paper to represent the stone. Once they’d finished designing, they were allowed to wreak havoc with mod-roc plaster stones and sculpt their designs to their hearts content.