Strid Wood tea rooms needed appetising food photography to show the effort they put into catering in their tea room at Bolton Abbey near Skipton. I duly stepped in to assist, as well as generously dispose of cakes, scones and sandwiches after modelling duties (for food hygiene reasons of course).

We agreed to mimic a contemporary style of food photography – the sort you see in ‘Great British baking’ style cook books, so creative depth of field and plenty of crisp, clean and consistent lighting. For this I used two strobes (portable flash); one key light to give an accented highlight and one for fill to make sure the overall photo is correctly exposed.

Strid Wood were elated with their food photographs which you’ll eventually see working hard to attract visitors on their website and brochures. In fact they were almost as elated as I was with the box full of lime and pistachio cake they let me take home.