As boozy missiles flew overhead towards the stage, one cup of unidentified fluid detonated in our vicinity, spraying some folk just forward of us with its sticky payload. An infuriated Neanderthal spun around, incensed with rage: “WHO THE *%@# THREW THAT?” he screamed monosyllabically, looking at us each square in the eye. He then conducted a round robin approach to initiating a fight with the circle of seven or eight innocent punters stood around him, puffing out his chest while his cronies held him back. “I’M GONNA KILL SOMEONE. WHO WAS IT?”

Don’t worry, I lived to tell the tale of my day out at ‘The Warehouse Project present Ian Brown festival’ on behalf of Safeconcerts. I was invited over to Manchester to record a written account of the new festival and give fans a flavour of the venue, facilities and most importantly: the experience.

This type of copywriting calls for a personable tone, humour and extensive description and metaphor to paint a mental picture of what it was like to be at the event. You can read the full article I wrote at Safeconcerts.

Let me know what you think below or if you were a fellow festival-goer, share your views too.