Wedding photography really is all it’s cracked up to be: exhausting, rewarding, stressful and not for the feint-hearted. A few friends have asked me to photograph their marriages for a couple of years now but since going it alone as a freelancer, I’ve developed a new fascination with seeing what the fuss is all about I finally decided to throw myself in at the deep end.

So on September 10th I threw away my arm-bands, held my breath and dived head first into the wedding of Andy Bell and Suzie Mitchell, good friends of mine now since the heady days of my early twenties. I’m flattered they took a look at my photography portfolio and chose me to cover their wedding ceremony at a countryside hotel in North Leeds.

Here are the best bits:

The day was a blast and to tell you the truth I think I’ll do other weddings, now that I’ve learned these important lessons I’d like to share with other aspiring wedding photographers:

  • Take a second photographer: spontaneous moments at weddings don’t happen twice
  • Portrait photos are best done after the marriage ceremony: bride and groom are just too nervous before
  • Planning, planning, planning: I did a fair bit but I reckon there’s never be enough
  • Tattoo a photography work flow onto your retinas: it’s easy to forget an important exposure variable in the busy commotion of a wedding
  • Take your subjects away from the crowd for formal shots: otherwise they get distracted or become very self-conscious

Good news is the bride and groom loved their wedding photos.