Something truly abhorrent happened back in December. One of those life-changing events that brings into question everything you stand for, leaving you aghast and wondering how divine forces could let something so horrific happen to another human being. Only now after intensive counselling, have I come to terms with that fateful day and do I feel sufficiently recovered to share my burden.

That’s an excerpt from a 500-word written piece I wrote entitled ‘Mince Lies’ which was submitted to TV channel Dave “The home of witty comedy banter” as part of their ‘The Best Part-Time Job In The World’ writing competition.

The brief was to create an article which reported back on any subject or event you take an interest in. It had to be punchy, witty and demonstrate why the author (me) would make a great writer for them.

You can read my full Mince Lies article as a PDF download.