Though I’m usually a freelance event photographer in Leeds, occasionally a brief comes along that’s too temptingly different to turn down. In this case it was some interior photography to market a gite available for rent in rural France, near Bordeaux.

Unlike event photography, the pace of work is far more relaxed – you don’t have to think on your feet quite so much. There’s time to plan your shots in detail, repeat and refine, and set up proper multiple light stands – a luxury you can rarely afford when there are countless people milling around at a launch event, for example.

I’ve always been inspired by airbnb’s interior photography of houses and apartments so that’s the look I’ve gone for. It’s bright, vibrant and clear – thanks to high-key photography (almost overexposing shots) which makes spaces look fresh and clean. Using this style of photography, rooms seem to ‘pop’ out of the screen, emphasising modern, contemporary space. There’s some stunning vistas thrown in there for good measure too.