Ever get that desire to do something? To take a trip, speak-up, or try something new you wouldn't normally?

Then nothing.

The idea evaporates.  

If you’re lucky, all that remains is lingering intention. A dissatisfied restlessness, goading you about how life could be. 

"In my experience, this can happen when thinking gets in the way. We second-guess our intuitive, felt sense of what's best for us.

"It’s like our brain insists on analysing the hows, whys and what-ifs of that thing you fancied, in that moment now past."

What would happen if we welcomed that untapped intuition of yours? Where desire begins. What would it be like to trust it again?

Where might it lead?

You're invited on a curious adventure

I’m creating a series of challenges to help. They’re short provocations - like friendly invitations to play, from a like-hearted friend. My hope is they’ll lead you towards more of what you enjoy. So you feel more in control of a life where your ideas and adventures really happen.  

With each challenge you’ll explore a different way of looking at everyday life. It’s up to you whether you respond. Afterwards, you’ll receive thought-provoking questions to help you reflect on what happened.

You'll also gain:

  • Greater self-awareness of how you think, feel and respond - especially in unusual situations.
  • Closer relationship with joy, intuition and spontaneity - it’s already there, trust you.
  • Resilience in your ability to cope, adapt and surprise yourself.

If all goes to plan, you’ll be more aware of yourself and your intuition. It'll nudge you towards hobbies, fun projects, adventures, or just create more time for your own thing(s).

While these challenges are designed to push you, they're respectful and gentle too

I’m building something that brings you along for the ride. It respects that we’re all really just beginners at life, with options to suit your mood or appetite for being stretched. Breaks and self-care are welcome (and necessary) too. 

Each challenge is carefully curated, and draws on proven principles from accredited life coaching, physical intelligence and improvisation - at the heart of my practice as a qualified coach. 

I know this struggle personally, and like you I’m still learning. So I’m as curious as you to discover what emerges as we play with intuition, curiosity and spontaneity.

Register your interest to get early access to Micro Pokes

This is a work-in-progress, still in development (and that's a working title too). I hope to launch in late spring/early summer. For now, share your details below and I'll invite you when it's ready.