Ever get that desire to do something different?

To go explore, act on a whim, speak up, or otherwise bust routine in a way you wouldn’t usually?

Then nothing. Impulse, inspiration evaporates.   

Maybe you’re tired or overwhelmed with obligations? You’ve nothing left for other stuff that makes life fun.

In my experience, this happens when our thinking brain can’t get past the hows, whys and what-ifs. We second-guess ourselves. 

If you’re anything like me, the trap is throwing will-power and brute-force at the problem, or well-intentioned ‘productivity hacks’. Lately though, I’ve realised this is yet more thinking in disguise, which (in excess) sucks the joy from life.  

May I introduce a compelling, more playful alternative? 

Meet robot, pirate and ninja

Straight out of improv world, this theory says we each have an inner pirate, robot and ninja. Tune into these three distinct characters and you gain new choices, qualities and insight, to complement our thinking brains.  

To help, I’ve created a series of challenges to re-awaken your inner pirate, robot and ninja. These are short provocations - friendly invitations to play, from a like-hearted friend.

You'll also gain:

  • Greater self-awareness of how you think, feel and react.
  • Deeper sense of joy, spontaneity and trusting yourself intuit what’s best.
  • Resilience in your ability to adapt, thrive and surprise yourself.

Gently pokey

Playing with your inner robot/pirate/ninja is as edgy as you want it to be. Rest assured though, my challenges are respectful and considerate.  

Carefully curated, this draws on proven principles from accredited coaching, physical intelligence and improvisation - the heart of my practice.

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This is a work-in-progress, still in development (and that's a working title too). I hope to launch in late spring/early summer. For now, share your details below and I'll invite you when it's ready.