Animation script for Project Thing by Level B

Animation script for Project Thing by Level B

Sometimes a project comes along that’s so radically different to anything you’ve ever done before that there’s no other sensible choice but to seize the opportunity and run with it.

Project Thing was one of those projects: copywriting a voice-over script for an animated introduction to Level B‘s collaborative online Kanban and project management system. It’s a novel way to bring together software developers and their clients, so they communicate better and understand the effects of change on their project.

Our goal was to promote their product to small software development agencies and freelance software developers, explain how it works and demonstrate why it keeps both parties happy.

Like I said, this brief was different

Very different. I’m used to working in print and digital formats but never before has my copy made it into animation. So I did what every good freelancer should do: immerse yourself in research for inspiration and best practice. You also reflect on your experience for any skills and knowledge you can transfer into this new, unknown realm.

As luck would have it, my years as a web developer were a clear fit. I know exactly what it’s like to just want to get on with building software and not have to worry about scope misunderstandings. And as an account manager, I also know what it’s like to be a client – craving clarity on progress and reassurance that things are going to plan.

Also a good fit was my copywriting style. I always go for honest, clear communication that’s straightforward and gets the requisite amount of information across in the minimum amount of time. Being a bit persuasive came in handy too, because after all we had to encourage people to try out Project Thing.

After a few improvements to the copy we took the voiceover script to a recording a studio in Leeds and turned my words into real human speech with a narrator – another new experience for me. Usually my copy goes from written to read, bypassing voice, so adapting copywriting for speech is a new skill to chalk up.

How the copywriting went

Despite a complex set of features I think we developed a convincing story that’s sympathetic, funny, engaging, as well as familiar to anyone who’s had anything to do with IT projects.

See the results for yourself in this quirky animated short, created by my good friend and talented illustrator in Leeds, Andy at Hexjibber: