North Yorkshire enterprise partnership approached me with a very appealing brief. They were about to launch their brand new business hub – How’s Business – to connect local small business owners with their network of trusted business growth advisors. And they needed biographies written to promote these advisors to the community.

Best of all though, it included two of my favourite things: an adventure around the greatest county on earth, plus meeting new people to find out what makes them tick.

Needless to say, they had me at ‘Yorkshire’.

The plan was to visit a series of meet-ups in North Yorkshire, interviewing people to get an idea of who they were, what they stood for, and how they helped. I then translated these interviews into accessible, conversational-style profiles which were published on the How’s Business? website.

Stylistically, I went for an upbeat, informal tone of voice: this is person-to-person contact, so we need to build a bond quickly, with strong foundations for a (hopefully) productive relationship later on. I wanted the small business owner reader to come away feeling like they knew something genuine and personal about the advisor they hoped could help.

The advisors (and my client) loved their new bios, which put a fresh angle on how they market themselves. Though surely a true sign of success is that I still see my copywriting appear on their LinkedIn profile pages. Prospective clients from the small business community now use the bios to find better matches, not just based on the problem then need solving, but on a more personal level – which, after all, was the whole aim of the exercise.

The sample profile uses real copy, but has been anonymised