UOWN are a disruptive fintech startup in Leeds. They’ve built a crowdfunding platform from scratch with a revolutionary message at its core – one that initially needed a brand new voice to attract their target audience: millennials who might invest in properties, helping save for a home of their own in the future.

‘Bullied by debt and consumption, on an endless bank-rolled treadmill – we’d be surprised if property investment ever crossed your mind. Even though it’s a profitable, proven way to improve your fortunes. Whether that’s with a house, a holiday or something set aside for the kids.’

Sounds like a challenge to me.

Step two involved fact-finding, heated discussion and experimentation. Step three was a bold, characterful tone of voice for copywriting, that I devised in close collaboration with its founders – strongly rooted in their brand values and personal ambitions.

What emerged was a tone of voice perfectly reflecting the ethos of UOWN: bold and positive, yet playful and occasionally wry. Like a rallying cry from a friendly, expert maverick with a clear sense of purpose. A visionary who implores you to join them on an adventure of a lifetime.

‘This movement – your movement, is living proof that democratic values are alive and kicking. Because UOWN stands for equality for all and power put firmly in the hands of you, us, the people.

Let’s democratise how we put money into property

We believe in the decision-making power of crowds. Just look at Kickstarter: when enough of us pull together, pool our resources and march towards a common goal – nothing stands in our way.’

With my copywriting, UOWN built a community of like-minded UOWNers ready to invest thanks to a clear, passionate call-to-arms in their copy.

Later, UOWN invited me to deploy their tone of voice into style guidelines, interface micro-copy, an animation script plus a press briefing.