Chris Kenworthy

Freelance copywriter in Leeds

There’s a simple way to promote yourself as an expert, gain more business and make people’s lives better – all without the hard-sell.

It’s by telling stories

Thought-provoking human stories to be precise, ones that share friendly advice on what you do best – solving problems for clients and customers. And here’s the secret: humans are hard-wired to feel mesmerised by the stories we weave into your case studies. Because they’re the most effective way to share knowledge that we’ve ever invented.

Better still, stories harness a naturally abundant resource: happy clients and customers (assuming you’re good at what you do, of course).

Tribe Culture Change are good at what they do

They’re in the business of preventing people from getting hurt by building engaged communities within organisations like Thames Tideway, Nokia and British Gypsum. A diverse group of global health and safety experts, Tribe are also renowned pioneers of innovative technology like VR, augmented reality and their own bespoke social networking platform for conversation-led behavioural safety change.

Together, we produce regular, illuminating case studies for their blog and content marketing campaigns which share best practice on how to change attitudes, values and beliefs about safety (collectively called culture). Our readers are decision-makers, senior managers and directors at medium to large corporate organisations who crave this sort of advice.

Tribe will be the first people to admit that health and safety suffers from a poor reputation. But that’s what makes promoting what they do such an interesting challenge. Every month we rebut misconceptions with free inspiring advice from front-line industry leaders about how they keep their staff happier, safer and more productive.

Here’s how it works:


Interview an industry insider with an interesting story to share; I grab the facts and a handful of illustrative quotes


Plan a case study structure around Tribe’s underlying message of open engagement, involvement and progressive leadership, threaded together with our readership’s priorities


Write a headline story with a compelling angle, crammed with tips and advice that highlights human endeavour, triumph over adversity and secrets to success


Copy-edit extra articles and news from Tribe’s consultants


Publish content to Tribe’s website, email marketing campaigns and social media channels

“We’re getting so many more leads now – from people reading our stories.

It’s like a slow trickle of advice helping them grow but reminding them who we are.”

Content marketing demands perseverance

But the results are worth it:

“It’s really good having someone who keeps momentum up, pushing our newsletter through to finish, it’s something we just don’t have enough time to get around to.”

They’re the words of Mark Ormond (MD at Tribe) who deserves credit for taking a risk on content marketing. It takes time for your message to slowly permeate the minds of your customers (because there’s no hard-sell remember), and in the meantime you’re essentially giving away free information and valuable insight. That defies traditional commercial wisdom.

Yet content-led marketing is about building an online reputation from scratch, and trust is hard-earned over longer periods of time than you’d expect with traditional direct advertising. So perseverance is the order of the day, but eventually the calls will start to come in.

Mark even recalls the time a client brought a printed copy of one of Tribe’s case studies into a meeting:

“‘This is us’ they said excitedly ‘everything you’ve written here is exactly the same as our problems. You get it – we need your help.'”

Begin your content-marketing strategy now

If you’re too busy doing a good job to write about what a good job you do, hire me as your freelance copywriter to pull everything together and get the word out. It’s my job to uncover the gold mine of insight that’ll genuinely assist and impress your customers, putting you front-of-mind next time they need help from the experts.

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