designed to get things happening

Start 5

a 3-6 month coaching programme for individuals

This is my most popular coaching product

It’s all about getting started

Usually that means change or improvement in some area of life; like a business, career or project that’s causing you discomfort. It’s OK if that’s unknown or unspecified at the moment.

Think of this programme like a disruptor, initiator or provocateur, to get things out of your head and really happening in the world.

How it happens

Together, we spark change or improvement over the course of five, one-to-one coaching sessions, either online or in-person. These are two-hour long sessions, plus short impromptu check-ins and pep-talks between. There’s scope to tweak our schedule and pace as you go too.

For most people, this programme works best over a 3-6 month period. It begins when we’re both ready to commit. To make this happen, I invite you to invest £1,600.00 in yourself - only when we’re sure this is the right fit and the right time.

What to expect

As well as my deep attention, reflection, playful poking and cheerleading, here’s what to expect, spread over five typical sessions:


They say our relationship is the deciding factor in effective coaching. So when we first meet we see how we get along and what chemistry there is.

We also agree what you want to have happen, how it’ll work practically, and when. If it feels right, we sign you up and coaching proper is underway.


In face-to-face sessions we delve into who you really are, what motivates you, and where blindspots/strengths lurk. 

To help, we might play with time-tested personality growth maps, to rediscover your inner brilliance and intuitive sense of where to go next.


Magic happens as you try new things and surprise yourself. So with each session we co-create incremental challenges, dares, provocations. Success and setbacks all count. I’ll hold you accountable to yourself all the way (and cheer you on).

To free you up and reveal new perspectives, we might play physical intelligence, improv and focusing games. Changing context helps too, like going outdoors or acting daft somewhere different.


By now you’re playing with new toys at the edge, so here’s space to be raw and human. We process what you’re learning, where it’ll lead, and how to keep it up. We follow cognitive cycles to consolidate and celebrate your change.

Hit a snag between sessions? I’m here when you need me for micro-coaching check-ins by telephone. Feeling independent? Also fine.

You might need to shuffle schedules to fit what life and coaching unleashes. We also check how our agreement stands, to be sure.


In closing sessions we reflect on highs, lows and everything in-between.

We ask where next and what resilience means - we’ve come a long way together.

This isn’t over. In fact it’s likely your journey’s just begun. So you join a special cohort of my closest clients. You get ongoing priority access for recaps and check-ins, so you’re never alone.

What happens next

Answer five straight-forward questions as best you can to express your interest in coaching.

I'll invite you to a proper coaching session to explore more, if it sounds like I can help.

You experience first-hand proof of what my coaching can do. No fee. No obligation.

All being well, we formally sign you up as a client with a proper coaching agreement, then everything above begins.

Let's get things happening

Coaching turns whatever you dare dream-up into real-life, grubby-fingered projects, decisions and change. Always on your terms.

It’s not about mind-tricks or quick-fixes. I think you’ve already got what it takes to get where you need to be. And this programme is carefully, lovingly designed to help you rediscover that, in a supportive space with someone who gets you.