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Degree show at Manchester Metropolitan University

Documenting the art, textiles and sculpture of twenty seven final year Embroidery students was never going to be an easy task. But twenty-one hours later I’d  photographed of over eighty different pieces of art during a ruthlessly demanding time scale.

Working fastidiously in a make-shift studio with three high-powered flash units, we had a conveyor belt of students scurrying through with different artistic creations. The time scale was ambitious, as was the sheer volume of work but the brief was at least consistent: high-quality photographs of art work for use in a printed brochure showing the breadth, scale and depth of talent at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

There was plenty of creative freedom too. Some students wanted shots of mounted work, others needed macro-detail photos of stitches while others suspended sculptural pieces from above, that I really went to town on with different lighting techniques.

I’ve selected three different pieces of art from the day which give a good representation of the quality of work, not just mine of course, but the incredibly talented Embroidery students at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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The work shown above is by (in order) Lauren Steeper, Katie Smith, Lauren Ashmore, Martha Coates and Sarah Fletcher.

Personally I found this type of photography good practice as well as perhaps lending itself to product shoots. The students were elated with the results, which showcase their work quite nicely – I’ve even got a thank-you card up on my mantelpiece for my efforts too.


These photos are now published »

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