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“Hot sun kisses your face as you cruise effortlessly from a perfect four foot wave towards an endless golden beach”

Find out how my copywriting helps Surf Circle sell a dream

[quote]It’s daybreak and you’ve snuck out of bed to catch a majestic sunrise. The sun has yet to pour itself onto the quiet bay but it’s already warm. There’s a gentle breath of wind skipping across even sets of mellow waves on the beach below. The same waves you could hear whispering through your open window as you slept last night.[/quote]

That’s what customers of Surf Circle really want. It’s not just family-friendly surfing holidays in Morocco, but the dream that every surfer clings onto as they wade through freezing-cold British coastal waters in search of perfect waves.

Empathy like that proves you understand a reader’s situation that’s why there’s plenty of it in the copy over at

The copywriting is based on honest research into what it’s really like being a surfer with responsibilities. And I gained that with relentless and immersive questioning of Surf Circle’s founders David and Imad – both passionate surfers with families.

Surf Circle Morocco home page
Surf Circle Morocco's home page

Together we devised a simple user journey through friendly web pages populated with copy that’s clear and easy to understand.

Features and benefits are deftly intertwined with outcome-driven copywriting throughout:

[quote]In fact, your apartment is so restful you needn’t leave the serenity of its private pool, yoga studio and landscaped gardens.[/quote]

Inspiring desire for the surf dream drives every carefully-constructed sentence, like in the activity descriptions on the Surf Circle relax page:

[quote]The yin to surfing’s yang, yoga keeps you supple and strong enough to tackle anything in your path. Whether it’s the next big wave or a hectic lifestyle, you gain better control of your reflexes and a chance to slow down and reflect on your holiday so far.[/quote]

The page I’m proudest of as freelance copywriter is the account described in a day with Surf Circle Morocco. It transplants the reader from their present into an appealing future holiday using extended metaphors that parallel their present. And the best thing is that it’s true – real experiences threaded into an embellished narrative.

Surf Circle is a shining example of content is king. I set up the website quickly using WordPress and skinned it with a theme from Elegant Themes then got on with the most important part. That’s populating it with engaging content through detailed planning and thoughtful copywriting. That reduced costs for Surf Circle and sped up the whole process of delivering a website.

Surf Circle Morocco's relax page
Surf Circle Morocco's relax page

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