Finance Innovation Lab leadership retreat in Ambleside, University of Cumbria

You’re not supposed to have light like this in Britain.

It rains in Cumbria.

A lot.

That’s why they’ve got all those bloody great beautiful puddles over there. So imagine my elation (and The Finance Innovation Lab‘s) when the photos came out this good, after a bright and balmy summer’s day in Ambleside.

You’re not supposed to have light like this in Britain! (Just check out those outdoor group shots…)

Anyway, here’s a gallery of select shots from their leadership event at the University of Cumbria in Ambleside. The event photography brief was to act like a fly-on-the-wall, documenting their guest speaker, audience, group activities plus some group shots.

I aimed to capture photos that convey a sense of lively engagement; diverse people connecting, collaborating and sharing ideas. The Finance Innovation Lab want to show that all this is what they do best.

And that’s what happened – and doesn’t it show?

Want lively photos like this to promote your cause? Hire me as your event photographer.

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