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Orb Community Arts at FEVA 2010

This Sunday I had the pleasure of being invited to provide a spot of live event photography for an all day arts and music festival hosted by Orb Community Arts in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

Orb ran the event as part of the FEVA Festival of Entertainment and Visual Arts 2010 and it took place at Henshaw’s Arts & Craft centre.

The outdoor event offered a mixture of guest bands, workshops as well as giving members of the Orb community a chance to perform on stage and show the world the skills and talents that Orb, creative arts mental health charity, has helped them to develop. You can read more about how I’m helping Orb share their activities through the blog I created for them.

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Gig photography is where I cut my teeth as a photographer for Safeconcerts and I love an opportunity to go back to my roots. Sunday was a chance to revisit the familiar territory of stage hugging, weaving between crowds and watching a band perform with Hawk-like eyes – scrutinising for energetic photographic moments.

Japanese Fighting Fish were the highlight for me, with their fiercely animated lead singer. They were closely followed by the talented Rory Hoy a DJ adept at stitching together funk and big beat tracks.

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