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Is it worth hiring a freelancer for small, piecemeal copywriting jobs?

Can I surprise you? Some of us freelancers actually enjoy bite-size chunks of modestly creative work, to pick-up and turn-around at short-notice.

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What happens when you hire a freelance copywriter

We live in an age of ready-made, quick-fix solutions. You want to get from A-to-B? Buy this car. Need a coat? Buy this one off-the-peg. But what happens if the thing you need most doesn’t exist? What if the solution to your problem can’t be commoditised and stacked on a shelf? This is unfamiliar territory […]

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I can’t decide which I love more: copywriting or copyediting

Invite me to edit your copy and you’re not just asking for clearer words. You’re really asking for help expressing yourself and a deep sense of relief.

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3 ways to make your IT sales proposal stand out

Are you industrialising your sales pitches for indiscriminate growth? Or cultivating the right kind of clients and projects for your IT business? If it’s the latter, absorb my advice for writing better IT proposals.


I’m actively seeking new IT sector copywriting projects

For the record, I’m now unashamedly specialising in copywriting for clients in the IT sector.