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Wood carving sculpture workshop at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Brooding ‘summer’ rain clouds managed to hold off for a few hours on Saturday, just long enough for me to poke my camera lens about at a wood carving sculpture workshop at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The workshop was well attended, its populous sprinkled with a talented group of attentive sculptors taking on varying levels of artistic ambition. Work ranged from simple human forms through to a full size two-seater bench.

I was invited along to subtly capture people and process, for use in marketing and promotion of future events through their web site or printed material. Photography is a perfect way to give potential customers a flavour of what they can expect from your workshop or event.

I generally attend these types of creative art events midway through or towards the end, because that’s when work begins to take shape and participants tend to have a better grasp of the tools and techniques they are being taught. Unlike other photographers, I stick around for a full or half-day which gives me enough time to build up a rapport with people and make them feel comfortable with the presence of a camera. It’s fun just chatting to other creative friendly people too.

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