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A Triumph Of Adversity article, Safeconcerts

On Thursday morning at 11.48am, Mother Nature threw a rock through our window of collective dreams, smashing it into a thousand shards of dashed hope and disappointment. She then stood back to admire her work chortling to herself “deal with that one then boys.” Two days later we were pootling along the River Wey on a barge, supping cold beers in the warm spring sunshine. In your face nature! Well, kind of.

A short extract from a written piece I wrote for Safeconcerts. What should have been a review of the three-day Coachella festival turned into a tale of despair, humour and reflection following the eruption of a pesky volcano in Iceland that suspended all flights out of the UK. The article was featured in the weekly Safeconcerts newsletter which is circulated to their several thousand subscribers.

You can read the full A Triumph Of Adversity article published at Safeconcerts.

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