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Your website attracts more customers with digital copy fuelled by enthusiasm. See how my copywriting improved Your Baby Domain Name

Your Baby Domain Name have a great product that deserves more attention. It’s a website where you buy a unique web address for your child as a gift, complete with an online scrapbook to share important milestones with loved ones.

The problem was that their copy had been written as an afterthought by people preoccupied with getting the website working. So copy was about functions and features. Very matter of fact and it didn’t do the site justice.

A freelance copywriter to add polish

So they hired me as freelance copywriter to inject some life into their copy. First thing was to shift the focus back to the reader and what presses their buttons. That called for thoughtful research into the minds of new parents and investigation into what similar sites offer.

After asking the right questions, next came careful planning to convert all those awkward technical descriptions of features into real imaginable experiences. All fuelled with enthusiasm that evokes powerful visions of the reader united with Your Baby Domain Name in a desirable future.

Screenshot of Your Baby Domain Name's home page
Your Baby Domain Name's homepage
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