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Hair of the dog

“Never work with animals” the old saying goes. Though sometimes you don’t get a choice. Especially when a beagle leaps onto a chair, admittedly on the promise of a delicious scooby snack dangled suggestively behind the camera lens.

So, spot the dog in this collection of marketing photos I shot for premium barber shop and purveyor of gentlemen’s hairdressing Barber & Mack in Harrogate.

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The brief

Mike Mackinnon, owner of Barber & Mack in Harrogate, had little in the way of photography to use as marketing collateral for his independent business. He needs a bank of informal images which show the smart, diligent and attentive approach clients can expect when they come to Barber & Mack for a hair cut or wet shave.

We staged two hair cuts and a shave over the course of an hour with two of Mike’s more obliging clients while I floated around with my camera and a remote flash. Halfway through said flash decided to stop working, which meant I reverted to high-ISO photography to shoot in a pretty dimly-lit environment.

Fortuitously though, the high-noise gives a nice grainy look to those photos, which I later desaturated into black and white. They also compliment the smart, classic feel of the Barber & Mack brand.

Here’s a photo in situ, promoting Barber & Mack’s services on their web site:

Screenshot of Barber and Mack's website showing one of my photos
Barber and Mack's website

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